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The Lovers

One of the first lino cuts I did, printed on the pages of an old book. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was a printing of Montessori’s ‘Method’, published in the 1920’s. I liked the thick soft paper that soaked up the ink really well.    

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House at Loubas

Two paintings of the same house at Loubas, France, where I stayed with my family years ago during a summer holiday. We went there by car with all my painting equipment strapped to the roof, including an easel, a large role of canvas and of course a whole box of tubes. It was a hot…

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Placa Cataluna, Barcelona

Different versions of the Placa Cataluna, Barcelona, at night. I think I was there for a conference, and intrigued by the mystique of the square, I did some drawings on the spot,  then worked them into a series of paintings. Oil on unprepared canvas.            

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