Drawing in the Dolomites

Like many others, I too am fascinated by the Dolomites, I love its moonlike landscapes, its granite rock formations, its foot paths at high altitude, the fresh air, arriving at a hut late in the afternoon, speaking with strangers about the wonders of nature and the steepness of the climb. I take my sketch book…

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After the Flood

One of my fascinations, one of the themes to which I return time and again, are beach scenes. Here I’ve worked some of my drawings on the beach into larger images of dislocation. Not difficult to see an influence of Beckmann here, I guess.

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Placa Cataluna, Barcelona

Different versions of the Placa Cataluna, Barcelona, at night. I think I was there for a conference, and intrigued by the mystique of the square, I did some drawings on the spot,  then worked them into a series of paintings. Oil on unprepared canvas.            

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